1The Farthest I Can Get (Preview)

The Farthest I Can Get

The Farthest I Can Get talks about the new COVID crisis, it’s not about hope, it’s not about the dead per se. It was inspired by a talk I had with a close friend who lost a beloved one. She said that this new war, crisis or however you want to call it. It is pretty silent, and it seems that humanity lost many things, but at the same time everything looked the same. Her feelings were very clear, and I started to realise that I was here cheek by jowl with anti-vaxxers while one of my aunts past with many others. This is a song for those alive and to remember those who already left.

-The title was chosen by Miguel, but honestly he didn’t have a clue about the lyrics of the song.

-The topic seems very serious, but contrary to what it seems, I wanted to write a beautiful memorial for humanity.

-Every time I (Adriana) listen to this song, I cry a little bit (nostalgic tears).