DeerMx is a Mexican band established in Hong Kong, composed of Adriana Falcón and Miguel Bastida. Their music is a mix of trip-rock and industrial pop. DeerMx has performed in several countries around Asia and Europe and in Mexico for the first time in 2019.

Everything began in 2012 when Adriana was accepted to study a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Miguel has been with Adriana since 2005 and he decided to join her in this new chapter of her life. Once established in Hong Kong and with enough free time, they began working on their first compositions. That is how DeerMx was born in 2013.



DeerMx has released three Eps, one LP and a remix album featuring artists from Asia and Europe over their career.

  • Portraits (2018)
    Portraits Remixed (2018)
    There’s No Future (2019)
    A Man in a Cage (2020)
    The Lost tracks (2021)


Deer has performed at some of the most important festivals in the Asian region, sharing the stage with artists such as: Sigur Rós, Foals, Limp Bizkit, The Chemical Brothers, among others.

  • Clockenflap (HK)
  • Sònar HK (HK)
  • V-Rox (UK)
  • Soundrenaline (ID)
  • Sorte Firkant (DK)
  • Canadian Music Week (CA)
  • Zandari Festa (KR)
  • Wake Up Festival (TW)
  • Kansai Music Conference (JP)
  • among others…