1Intro (Mother Nature)
3In the name of
6Fables of Humanity
7All I did

Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature

Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature is the latest EP of Deer Mx, the Mexican duo based in Hong Kong. In this new EP, the band has less existential lyrics and more contemplative content, which is complemented with sophisticated arrangements, dressing their electronica roots in a potent colorful range of sounds.

The EP opens with an epic intro, a great string section, and heroic polyphonic singing. Opens with Rolling, a journey into ancient Egypt mythology and the dung beetle. Proceeds with sharp criticism of cyberspace behavior In the Name Of…; navigates in the cathartic wail of an Omen and returns into the wildness of Mother Nature Running. The EP closes by recapping this world’s beauty and darkness with the outro Fables of Humanity, which leads the listener into the unavoidable extinction of living forms, opening the planet into other new forms, and concluding with All I Did. Humans might be the fossils of a new generation of living species and despite it being a pessimistic premise, our planet contemplates its transformation with its tempestuous beauty.

Deer Mx wrote and produced Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature, mixed by MOSHUP (Jordie Guzmán) at Studio B in Hong Kong, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. It has the collaboration of Alfonso Rosales (drums), José Pablo Enriquez, and Francisco Bringas in polyphonic singing, Cesar Valentín (strings), and Ming de Nichols (brass).