Epilogue musically portrays various dilemmas of today’s society; all of them a consequence of historical events that lead to intolerance, despair and alienation. It is a cathartic EP that explores a moment of liberation of ideas and acceptance of your position regarding health, social and financial matters.
With force the fears disappear and pops the bubble of the slavery of the cyberspace to be able to explore the most palpable side of reality.
In EPILOGUE there is a marked fusion of electronic with acoustic instruments, much more leaning towards rock and trip-rock, but with thumping and dark synths. EPILOGUE features the visual work of Mexican directors The HK Fixer in אIV (Out of the Mountain of Despair), Curia Films in The Farthest I Can Get & Disappeared, and Dispense Usted in Animals.

EPILOGUE is the closing of a chapter and the bridge for a series of EPs that the band will launch in 2023.