It is cathartic, a moment of liberation of ideas and acceptance of your position in a world where a word or opinion can lead you to the scrutiny of cyberspace. The fears disappeared and the bubble of virtual- palliative reality suddenly broke. Without the internet, it doesn’t exist, and you can find yourself.

In this single, a fusion of the electronic with acoustic instruments is made, just as in the previous singles released by DEERMX in 2022. Once again, it has the collaboration of the Mexican drummer based in Hong Kong, Alfonso Rosales and Trombonist Ming de los Nichols. The song was produced by Deer. The track was mixed once again by Moshup at Studio B, Hong Kong and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Sweden.

The music video was in charge of Curia Films and the director Monserrat RH, who has also worked previously for the band, including the song The Farthest I Can Get.