Animals is a song inspired by the anime movie Pom Poko (1994). The song is focused on the conflict between humans versus animals. It portrays a group of tank or raccoon dogs that use their transformation powers to fight against the human settlements that threaten their existence. With pain show solidarity with their peers, and face death and their unavoidable fate. The music for Animals presents tension and conflict in a fifteen-eighths measure, opposing completely to a more predictable and regular measure used in music such as Trap.

Distorted guitars complement the additive rhythm and bring the atmosphere for the sobbing and broken voice. Animals perhaps is a musical fable. Humans reflect our nature in animals and animals teach us about our conflicts and mistakes.

For this song we invited Mexican drummer Enrique Nativitas.

The song was produced by Deer. The track was mixed once again by Moshup at Studio B, Hong Kong and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Sweden.