There's No Future is our first LP. We created the songs and connected them based on our more intuitive sonic logic. We realized that all the tracks have in common the topic of the human nature in different phases and situations, and all those vignettes were narrated through our particular sonorous perspective. Every track has specific topics and particularities, however each one is the piece of the puzzle. The listener is the one who is going to interpret the final shape of the discourse.

The topics of the songs touch an apocalyptic perspective ( There’s No Future and The End of Times), but also can be a critic of the contemporary humanity absorbed by the “millenial” social constructions in politics and social behavior (Deaf and Dead Souls).The album has an intimate moment on Tale-tell H…, and makes of classical stories of East and West (The Divine Comedy and The Tales of Liao Zhai), a point of reflection of our shallow and deepest fears.

There's No Future

All tracks written and performed by Deer 

1. There's No Future
2. Deaf
3. Wailing Wood
4. Tell-tale H...
5. Biting A Spectrum
6. Dead Souls
7. The End of Times

Written, Performed and Produced by Deer
Co-produced & Mixed by Yu Chain at Rooftop Audio Studios
Taipei, Taiwan
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Deer are
Adriana Vocals, Guitar, Pads, Bass Guitar, Percussions
Miguel Synths, Programming, Bass Guitar, Piano & Backing vocals (Tracks 3 & 6)
String Arrangements Deer

Additional Musicians
Mikk Simson Drums (Tracks 1, 2 & 6)
Ferdinand Pantig Trumpet (Track 6)
Simon Fil & The HK String Machine Orchestra (Tracks 3 & 4)
Art by Deer
Photography Alfonso Rosales
CD Photography Sergio Olivera

Releases March 1, 2019