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Their disturbingly titled debut full-length album is by no means a continuation from 2018’s Portraits, but a creative step up, and further into the abyss. There’s No Future seems to grow in its bleakness and intensity with lead single Biting A Spectrumand Dead Souls leaning towards rampantly decaying industrial and electronic beats, with more erratic and synthetic instrumental layers creating an almost frightening cacophony of terror. With such a faultless debut, let’s just hope there’s a future where we can hear more from them.

Young Post
Opener Wild Eyes addresses immigration as singer Adriana Martinez theatrically delivers, “Sit down, wake up, shut up, turn around”. Instrumentally, it’s full of resonating synths, Nine Inch Nails industrial kits, and a low, dirgy guitar riff, as if Crystal Castles had joined forces with Royal Blood – it’s a bold start.

The Underground
An incredibly ethereal record with countless layers of darkness and complex emotions. There are pockets of upliftment but on the whole it’s that sombre, dark essence which drives the sound of this record.

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The Underground Hong Kong
Wild Eyes This is just great. Kicking off with Killer-esque guitars, it lulls listeners into a false sense of security, before launching into a massive and compelling chorus that insists you get on your feet and throw yourself around with wild abandon (which was a bit embarrassing as I was on the MTR at the time). Its huge and hypnotic outro will change your life (not necessarily for the better, but your choice – you could have gone to church instead, right?).

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〈Wild Eyes〉由樂隊Deer發行,一隊生活在香港的電子音樂樂隊。這首歌是專輯《Portraits》中眾多假想曲目的其中一首,述說了作為香港居民的樂隊體驗 (Inglés)

10 of the best emerging artists from Hong Kong 
Originally from Mexico but based in Hong Kong, this industrial rock duo are powered by powerful vocals and nostalgic lyrics reminiscent of famed acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Björk.
Sage Viscovi 

Young Post
One of Hong Kong’s most visually arresting bands, Deer have the sound and originality to justify the intrigue of their trademark antlered mask. Speaking to Young Post just before her band’s show at Clockenflap festival, singer Adriana Martinez was full of fire and raring to introduce a new crowd to Deer’s dark electro.

The Mexican Invasion 

"All the way from Mexico city, this classically trained duo is  bringing a breath of fresh air to the venues of Hong Kong..."
James Lo 

Grasscamp Festival
Chochukmo, More Reverb, Phoon, and Deer will all play at the New Territories festival this weekend