P o r t r a i t s

Portraits is a serie of imaginary stories that emerge from our experience as Hong Kong residents. It embraces contrasting characters... a middle age man, a six year old kid. Each song represents one piece of a big puzzle: the face of what Hong Kong is to us. Life here is a drama of an ancestral life structure struggling with the western post modern crisis. We start with a dissertation about immigration and we close with the face of the ambition. The sound of this EP glides from nostalgic to dramatic moments, all dressed with the strident electronic layers and the glimpse of string sections.  

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making this album ! 

Recorded in Taipei; it will be released in a physical and digital version this March.

Four tracks written and performed by Deer 

1. Wild Eyes
2. Alive
3. In the Shadows
4. I Want It All

Produced by Deer
Co-produced & Mixed by Yu Chain at Rooftop Audio Studios
Taipei, Taiwan
Mastered by Lenin Rojo

EP release date:   9 March 2018