Adriana - Deer
I'm Adriana, candidate of the PhD in Ethnomusicology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am Mexican and moved to Hong Kong to do research on Chinese music. My husband Miguel, who is a Mexican musician, moved to Hong Kong with me. We both are established in Kowloon and are co-musicians in a band of "electronic down tempo" called Deer.

New Noise
Deer’s music video for “Wild Eyes” was directed by Jorge Moya, aka “The Hong Kong Fixer,” who was also in charge of the previous single “In The Shadows.” The “Wild Eyes” video stars Andrew Ng, a respectful actor from the region who has been working in movie industry in big projects, such as Ghost in the Shell.

F Yeah Chinese Indie
HK duo Deer Mx. *returned to Yuchain Wang 王昱辰 / RooftopAudio to record their new release, Portraits. Wow, this is a huge sound!  =D

América Exótica (Chile)
Número 55 (p 6- 15)